Australia Freight Transport

Australia Freight Transport - ocean shipping
① : LCL double clear door to door special line Australia Freight Transport - sea to different cities in Australia (warehouse to door)
② : LCL door-to-door shipping from "Guangzhou" warehouse to "Australia" Cities
③ : first floor of China receiving warehouse, free receiving, free unloading, no warehousing fee
④ : free measurement of volume, weight, inspection of packaging, inspection of quantity, photo inspection
⑤ : responsible for import and export customs declaration, LCL shipping, free delivery within 30 km of Australian freight clearance City
⑥ : the goods will be delivered on Monday and Friday every week. The shipping time is about 18 days. The bulk goods will arrive at the door in LCL

Australia Freight Transport- air transport
① Australia Freight Transport- air transport can arrange direct or transfer flights to Australia from China's major international airports
② Australia Freight Transport- air transport  can arrange export tax refund declaration, can pay for customs declaration, Australia airport customs clearance,
It will be delivered according to the address in the city and transferred to other remote cities
③ :  Australia Freight Transport- air transport  can be used for fumigation, commodity inspection, review of export list, invoice, and license documents
④ : Express can arrange low-cost special line express, International Express DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS
⑤  Australia Freight Transport- air transport  express can book the cabin in advance and deliver on the same day, Monday to Friday
Other services
Domestic pick-up can be arranged, and domestic logistics and transshipment can be arranged
Domestic freight can be paid in advance, express delivery to pay
Payment for Chinese sellers
Payment receivable in Australia
Freight payable to Australia
The company can receive goods, clear customs in the name of the company, and provide tax receipts,
Can be imported in private name
Note: for accurate quotation, please provide the name, volume, weight, destination city, delivery address and postcode of the goods.
LCL to Australia