Malaysia Taobao Air Transportation Company

The business philosophy of Malaysia Taobao Air transportation company: efficient, fast, high-quality and safety service tenet: win customers with the best service; attract customers with the lowest price; customer satisfaction and trust are our eternal pursuit. Enterprise mission: give full play to its own advantages, strengthen service functions, improve service quality, build service brands, realize scientific management and establish good reputation.  
Advantages of Malaysia Taobao air transportation company:
1. Low price, fast time efficiency and high cost performance
2. Malaysia Taobao air transportation company can provide collection, storage and packaging services
3. The whole process can be tracked online and delivered to your home
Our service tenet: customer first, reputation first! Firmly believe in the principle: integrity, pragmatism and professional win-win.  

What we are concerned about: whether you are in a foreign country or a foreign country, I will do my best to meet your needs for home products, comfort your homesickness, and let you still have a strong taste of home

Our service principle: convenient, safe, fast and punctual!  
The customer can deliver goods through domestic logistics or deliver them to the centralized warehouse of Taobao air transportation company in Malaysia.  
How to use the transportation service after Taobao online shopping? 5 minutes to teach you the operation process of transportation service!
Do not understand the operation process of consignment service? It doesn't matter. Xiaobian is here to help everyone with science popularization! Then, in this era of online shopping becoming more and more popular, the number of people who choose online shopping has been increasing. However, for the older generation or some new online shoppers, how to use the agent service to transport packages back to China after buying things on the online shopping platform?
1. Registered member
stay It's easy and fast to sign up for a private account. After you fill in some personal data, you can log in again!
2. Add warehouse address
3. Copy express bill No
4. fill in the bag information
5. Submit waybill
6. Fill in the Waybill Information
7. Select additional services
OK, the above is the "actual operation process of transportation agent" prepared by Xiaobian for you! I hope that you will not feel strange to the forwarding service after reading the small article! Of course, if you still don't understand, you can contact Friendly and polite customer service staff!