Sea To Singapore

Sea to Singapore

①:Sea to Singapore LCL double clear to door special line to Singapore (warehouse to door)
②:Sea to Singapore can be from Guangzhou, Yiwu warehouse to Singapore by sea (shorten the distance from south to North)
③:First floor of China receiving warehouse of Singapore ocean shipping, free receiving, free unloading, no warehousing fee
④:Free measurement of volume, weight, inspection of packaging, inspection of quantity, photo inspection of goods in Singapore Shipping
⑤:Sea to Singapore contracted export declaration, LCL shipping, Singapore Customs clearance, Singapore Free Delivery
⑥:Sea to Singapore can handle UEN declaration of Singapore company and private import declaration
⑦:The shipping time in Singapore is from Monday to Saturday. The total shipping time is about 10-12 days
⑧:Singapore Amazon FBA professional transportation, customs clearance and one-stop delivery service