Thailand Freight Transport

Thailand Freight Transport is mainly transferred in Bangkok.. The goods are sorted in Bangkok warehouse and then transferred out. The time limit is one or two days based on the downtown of Bangkok.
Delivery time of land transportation: 9:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday, 9:00-12:00 on Saturday, no delivery or receiving on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
Advantages of Thailand Freight Transport line:
Compared with land transportation, the cost of Thailand Freight Transport line is low, and compared with Thailand's freight operation, it is more simple, convenient and flexible, which can save labor, money and money. Land transportation, double clearance and tax inclusive door-to-door service, is safe, fast, simple and convenient, and can be delivered to the door free of charge in downtown Bangkok.
Packaging requirements for Thailand Freight Transportion:
1. In principle, our company does not undertake transportation business for fragile or easily damaged goods. If transportation is required, please strengthen the packaging by yourself. If our company does not take the responsibility of transportation breakage;
2. The goods shall be properly packed, and the easily damaged or precise goods shall be nailed in wooden boxes or wooden frames, and other irrelevant marks shall not be put on the outside of the packing bag as far as possible;
3. Please do not mix different kinds of products together, otherwise the customs inspection will be handled at the highest price (tax);
4. Our company provides services such as nailing wooden frame, wooden box and wooden box fumigation for compensation. If you need this service, you can consult our customer service clerk.