How to ensure the smooth flow of international goods? Ministry of Transport: Do a good job in four areas


China Internet Finance May 19 News Office of the State Council held a press conference at 10 am today. The Minister of Transportation Li Xiaopeng, the Deputy Minister Dai Dongchang, and the Deputy Minister Liu Xiaoming introduced the situation of accelerating the construction of a powerful transportation country and promoting the development of high-quality transportation And answer questions from reporters.

The following is the text record:

Reporter: The outbreak of the epidemic in the world has had a huge impact and impact on the international logistics supply chain. What measures have the Ministry of Transport adopted to deal with this, and how does it ensure the smooth flow of goods internationally? Thank you.

Li Xiaopeng: Thank you for your question. This is indeed a very important issue. The logistics chain, supply chain, and industrial chain are linked together, not only for economic and social development, but also for people's lives.

The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the work related to the international logistics supply chain. General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions many times, demanding that the construction of the international logistics supply chain system be accelerated to ensure the smooth flow of the international logistics chain. The Ministry of Transport attaches great importance to the implementation of the important instructions of the Party Central Committee and leading comrades of the State Council. We have collaborated with other relevant departments of the Central Government and established relevant operational mechanisms to ensure the smooth flow of the logistics chain. This mechanism is now substantively running for 24 hours, "one thing, one coordination" and "one thing, one treatment", coordinating and coordinating, taking multiple measures to solve and deal with the current problems encountered. Mainly done four aspects of work:

First, improve ability. In response to the problem of tight transportation capacity, we have adopted a variety of measures to quickly improve freight capacity. In terms of railways, we are mainly improving the support capacity of China-Europe trains, and increasing the frequency and density of trains moderately. In terms of road transportation, we have strengthened the deployment of transport capacity and ensured the smoothness of international roads by connecting transportation at border ports; In terms of maritime transportation, we are actively exploring express shipping, so that maritime transportation can also provide mail and express delivery capacity; in aviation, we actively increase air transportation capacity, encourage airline passenger aircraft to change cargo aircraft, encourage the increase of cargo flights or cargo charter flights, and quickly improve Air cargo capacity. Since these measures were taken, the situation of tight transportation capacity has been greatly improved.

Second, strengthen docking. We cooperate with relevant departments to ensure the transportation needs of manufacturing and foreign trade enterprises. We will also work with foreign affairs and other relevant departments to formulate a transportation guarantee program for foreign aid materials, and do our best to ensure the transportation of emergency humanitarian aid materials for anti-epidemic.

Third, build a platform. We have established a capacity resource database covering key enterprises in the fields of international air freight, international shipping, international shipping logistics, China-Europe trains, and international road freight. We have integrated the capacity resources of important domestic transport companies into this resource pool for overall planning. coordination. We will also work with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce to speed up the construction of an international supply chain service guarantee system. At present, this service guarantee system has been put into operation, and online services such as inquiry, order placement, and full-tracking can be achieved to speed up manufacturing and foreign trade enterprises. Of docking.

Fourth, implement policies. In response to the current situation, we will work with the Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments to formulate and implement policies around the following aspects: First, we will increase policy support around airlines' "passenger to cargo"; 1. Difficulties in road transportation enterprises, implement tax reduction and exemption policies; Third, formulate, improve, and optimize prevention and control measures in accordance with the characteristics of international freight transportation enterprises. For another example, drivers of international roads should conduct closed-end management at the port. These measures must be in place, and they must be convenient and feasible. A series of guidelines, policies and regulations have been developed around these and efforts to do a good job.

The above measures have initially seen results. In the next step, we will focus on ensuring logistics needs, accelerating system construction, issuing support policies, and research and development plans, and do our best to ensure international logistics, logistics, transportation, transportation, and supply. We must work hard to ensure that imported and exported goods can "go in and out", and we must strive to build a modern international logistics transportation system. In this regard, we have firm confidence and will work hard to do this job well. Here, I also call on the transportation departments of all countries to join hands to achieve win-win cooperation, ensure smooth flow and benefit mankind.