State Council Information Office press conference: logistics costs are expected to be reduced by 130 billion yuan in 2020


The Information Office of the State Council recently announced that in order to boost the affected domestic economy and benefit the majority of enterprises and people during the epidemic, the state has waived expressway tolls since February and fully supported the resumption of work and production and the low-cost transportation of materials. On this basis, by optimizing the process of government affairs, in-depth promotion of transportation and logistics simplified certification, fee reduction, quality improvement and efficiency improvement, it is expected that the national logistics cost will be reduced by more than 130 billion yuan in 2020.
"The operating rate of transportation projects reached 99.7%, and the investment in the new project library exceeded 800 billion yuan." At the press conference of the State Council Information Office held on May 19, 2020, the Minister of Transportation Li Xiaopeng expressed the need to fully promote transportation. Effective investment to ensure that the planned new projects should be fully opened and can be opened quickly.
Arrange special planes, special trains and special vehicles to ensure that more than 43,000 medical staff will rush to Wuhan and Hubei; more than 1.5 million tons of epidemic prevention and living materials and more than 2.9 million tons of production materials have been transported to Hubei; “point-to-point” migrant workers return to work chartered vehicles More than 190,000 vehicles, more than 400 special railway trains, more than 570 civil aviation charter flights, and more than 4.8 million migrant workers have been transported...
"During the epidemic prevention and control period, more than 40 million cadres and employees in the transportation system are fighting on the front line of the epidemic every day, striving to open up the'large arteries' and unblock the'microcirculations'." Li Xiaopeng said.
"In the next step, we will focus on ensuring logistics needs, speeding up system construction, introducing support policies, and researching and developing plans, and do our best to ensure the smooth flow of international logistics, ensure smooth transportation and supply, and ensure the import and export of goods. , Can get out." Li Xiaopeng said.
At the press conference, Deputy Minister of Transport Dai Dongchang said, “Through optimizing the government affairs process, we will further promote the reduction of transportation and logistics costs, improve quality and efficiency, and it is expected to reduce logistics costs by more than 130 billion yuan this year, and further reduce the real economy. The burden of the business."
According to reports, since the issuance of the work plan for reducing the cost of transportation and logistics, we have reduced the tolls of highways and ports, developed multimodal transportation, improved the development level of urban distribution, and promoted various methods such as the "three inspections in one" of trucks. In the waterway sector, quantifiable measures can reduce logistics costs by about 80.4 billion yuan.
Related work will continue to advance this year. From February 17 to May 5, the toll road extended its toll-free policy three times, waiving a total of more than 159 billion yuan in expressway tolls, and fully supported the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of production.
According to Li Xiaopeng, according to relevant plans, it is estimated that by the end of 2020, the total operating mileage of national railways will reach 146,000 kilometers, covering about 99% of cities with a population of 200,000 and above. Among them, high-speed rail (including intercity railways) is about 39,000 kilometers. Continue to lead the world. The total mileage of highways will reach about 5.1 million kilometers, of which the completed highway mileage will reach about 155,000 kilometers, connecting more than 99.8% of cities with a population of 200,000 and above.