Eight elements of air freight inquiry


Air transportation is fast and safe. On-time ultra-high efficiency has won a considerable market, greatly shortened the delivery time, and played a great role in promoting the logistics supply chain to accelerate capital turnover and circulation. Major airlines have successively invested a large number of flights to collect the piece of cargo. However, the cost of air transportation is higher than that of sea transportation, and the time requirement is high. The cost ratio of sea and air transportation is about 1:10.
Eight elements of air freight inquiry:
1. Product name (whether it is dangerous)
2. Weight (involving charges), volume (dimensions and whether the goods are soaked)
3. Packaging (whether wooden box or not, with or without pallet)
4. Destination airport (whether basic or not)
5. Time required (direct flight or transfer)
6. Requested flights (different flight services and price differences)
7. Type of bill of lading (main bill and sub-bill)

8. Required transportation services (declaration method, agent documents, whether customs clearance and delivery, etc.)