Air freight structure composition-do you know?


There are many people doing air transportation. Do you know how the air freight price of airlines is calculated? Briefly, I hope to help everyone.
Air freight rate composition:
1. Airfreight freight (received by airline)
2. Fuel sur charge (according to the airport, the destination price is different, Hong Kong is generally the first 4 or so, before 3.6, last year the highest 4.8, the price is adjusted by the airport, generally 2 to Asia)
3. Security inspection fee (Hong Kong charges 1 yuan/kg fixed fee)
4. Airport operation fee (HKD283/ticket in Hong Kong, the airport is responsible for transporting goods to the plane, etc.)
5. Terminal fee: 1.72/kg When the goods are handed over to the dealer, the dealer is responsible for things such as playing boards, which will eventually be collected by the airport)

6. Airline master fee: HKD15/bl is the cost of bill of lading-the property right certificate.