Form of agency transport


Form of transportation agency
Charter agent
This is a form of carrying out ship leasing business with ships as the object of commercial activities. The chartering agent is mainly in accordance with the instructions of the client (shipowner or charterer) to provide the client with the most suitable objects and the most favorable Conditions and facilitate the closing of leasing transactions.
The commission of the chartering agent is paid by the shipowner in accordance with the usual practice. Agency commissions are generally stipulated in the charter party at 1% to 2.5% of the rent.
Shipping agent
A shipping agency is a shipping agency that handles related ship and cargo business for a ship carrier or a cargo receiving and dispatching agency. It can be divided into two types: long-term agency and voyage agency.
Long-term agency refers to the agreement between the principal and the agent on the business scope and financial settlement before the entrustment, which is valid for a long period of entrustment. Voyage agency is an agency relationship established by both parties for a specific voyage of a specific ship, which can be established at any time, terminated at any time, and has greater flexibility.
The shipping agency business mainly includes:
1) Ship entry and exit business: go through the application procedures for ship entry and exit, contact to arrange for piloting, tugboat, berthing and customs declaration; negotiate ship inspection, repair, sweeping, fumigation and maritime handling; handle the entry and exit of containers Procedures, contact container loading and unloading, and negotiate container intermodal transfer business.

2) Freight business: Arrange and organize cargo loading and unloading, inspection, handover, storage, transshipment, measurement, fumigation and claims affairs; accept entrustment to sign bills of lading and transportation contracts, issue cargo and container delivery documents, and print various unified Cargo documents; handling cargo collection, ordering ships and collecting freight; negotiating maritime affairs, contacting maritime rescue; handling charter and ship sales and handover, signing charter contracts and buying and selling ship contracts, etc.