Common problems with international express delivery, there must be something you want to know!


When using international express delivery, many small partners will have some more or less doubts. Today, I have compiled some common problems of international express delivery. I guess there must be something you want to know.

1. When will the international express arrive?


The timeliness of international express delivery depends on the selected channel, the speed of reaching the local customs clearance, and the delivery time.

2. What items can be mailed abroad?


Generally, general goods can be mailed abroad. You can mail pure electric products, facial masks, a small amount of anti-epidemic materials and so on.

3. Do I need to pay customs duties for the parcels I post?


The payment of customs duties is related to the declared value of the goods and the local collection standards.


4. Under what circumstances is the post office not liable for compensation?


Force majeure, including but not limited to: earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, floods, fog, wars, air crashes or embargoes, riots or civil riots; strikes, etc., or products that violate the standards of mailing and other factors.